To our partners.

With several years of experience in Paris, we have been able to acquire the codes required for high-end and luxury. We have worked with the most prestigious palaces, on the most premium events and have transported public figures and international delegations.

Our desire today is to bring this know-how to Bordeaux and its region. We want to accompany our local partners, hotels, concierge services, travel agencies, and castles in developing the loyalty of a precious clientele.

We work in complete transparency with our partners. Trust is the key to success. We know how to read and respect a specification, respect the different protocols. We love projects, clients and non-standard contexts. Whatever your needs, we will take the time to listen to you and to answer as best we can.

So whether you are in the hotel business, the entertainment industry, business tourism, event management, artist booking, concierge services, wine-tour organization, wedding planner etc… let’s take the time to talk.

Embassies, delegations, organizations

We have had the honor of being asked to transport several delegations and embassies (Italy, Morocco, Qatar, India, the United States, etc.) during official visits, invited to the 14th of July and the G7. The knowledge of the protocols as well as the respect of the specifications of a high level of requirement are integral parts of our know-how.


We have been solicited for all types of events. Whether they are political, sports, people… We are able to respond to all types of requests and adapt to all types of clients.


Paris, Bordeaux, Geneva, Cannes, Courchevel, the Basque Country, Marseille… We have worked with hotels and palaces all over France. From the doors of the plane, to the door of the hotel in the greatest serenity.